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Friday, February 20, 2009

Vegetable Garden Update - February 2009

Well there isn't much happening in the garden this month, other than some deer trampling around in the snow. The only bright spot is that the stores have their seeds in, so it's very easy to get caught up in the thought of spring planting.

We did just that while at Lowe's the other weekend, coming home with the latest home repair necessities AND a bag full of seeds AND a trunk full of whimsical garden decorations. The garden decorations were an early Valentine's gift for me. Too bad they had to go right to storage and I probably won't see them again for another two months, but they can make their debut on the blog then.

Some of the seeds we purchased were:

Tomato - Juliet hybrid
Tomato - Jelly Bean hybrid
Pumpkin - Big Max
Pumpkin - Jack O'Lantern
Sunflower - Apricot Twist
Sunflower - Mammoth
Sunflower - American Giant
Sunflower - Autumn Beauty, mixed colors
Sunflower - Chianti Hybrid
English Daisy - Double Mixed Colors

Juliet tomatoes are a favorite of ours and although you can usually find them as plants at one of the nurseries, why take the chance that they'll be sold out.

The sunflowers that really interested me are the Apricot Twist and Chianti Hybrid. The colors are so very unusual. Hopefully I will win the battle with the deer this year and actually get to see some blooms.

This is the Chianti Sunflower.

And this is the Apricot Twist Sunflower. We'll see if mine end up looking like that.

And so, the garden still sleeps under a blanket of snow. These pictures are from January but it doesn't look much different right now, maybe just a little less snow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February Flowers

Hello Blogging World!

I had taken a little vacation from blogging, well, maybe a long vacation from blogging, but I have not abandoned this blog. It's just that January and February are not so very exciting, gardening wise, here in Western Pennsylvania. And so I have been focusing my time away from the computer somewhat. Especially since if Lillian is awake and you are at the computer you will get nothing done as she must be at the computer working with you. So even though I have not been a good commenter as of late, my blogging friends, please know that I do keep you in my thoughts and I will be back into the blogging mania soon.

I thought I would post some pictures of my Valentine flowers and maybe it could bring some cheer to you as they have to me. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and that Spring is soon around the corner, despite what that Pennsylvanian groundhog indicated a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, I have to post an updated photo of my sweet baby who just keeps on growing and going! She doesn't like being shut up inside on these cold, cold days and can't wait to be outside digging in the dirt come Spring.