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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Mosaic Stepping Stone

I love making mosaic stepping stones. A couple of years ago, I made a whole bunch of stones. Well, finally I was able to get back to it and make another one. Since the Olympics are imminent, I thought I would make a patriotic, red, white, and blue stone. The flower shaped mold I used came as a kit with the cement, glass, and wooden stick for stirring. I just added the glass that came with the kit to my supply and worked from that. It worked out better for me because the kit came with a little bit of lots of colors and I needed a lot of three colors. As a side note, Lillian's empty baby food jars have come in really handy for sorting all those bits of glass.

First I laid out my design. I knew the actual placement of the pieces would change when I set them in the concrete but this helps me in deciding the design.

Then I mixed the concrete. Be careful not to breathe in the fine dust. When adding water, do so just a little at a time. Of course if it gets too wet you can add more concrete (if you have more). I was using the concrete that came with the kit but for additional stones I had bought some 40 lb bags at the hardware store.

Next step, pour the concrete in your mold and level it off. Now go and clean up your bucket. It only takes a minute and then it's done. Just be sure you mold is in the shade. Before you place any glass in your concrete, jiggle your mold a little to let air bubbles escape.

Now the fun part, placing the glass in the concrete. Just press them in however you like. Don't worry if some watery concrete gets on top of them. You can clean that up later. Once all the pieces are in, just let it sit in the shade for about 24 hours. Then you can go back with a sponge and clean off the pieces that have cement on them. I leave the stone in the mold a couple of days. And once I remove it from the mold, I usually let it sit inside for a couple of more days before putting it outside.

I always bring my stones in for the winter. Otherwise, the freeze and thaws may loosen the glass and it could fall out.


tina said...

That is so pretty! I have wanted to make some stepping stones but haven't as of yet. Maybe this winter. I love the red white and blue.

Cindy said...

Tina ~ give them a try when you have the chance. Winter is a great time because there's less to be doing in the garden. I needed a break from the garden and this fit the bill.

DP Nguyen said...

Oh, those are gorgeous!!!! You are very talented. I could never do anything like that. I would probably get the stones dirty because i wasn't careful, lol.

Cindy said...

DP ~ I'm sure you could make these. The kit I had was from Joann Fabric or Michael's Craft Store. But there are also other methods. I have poured some stones that are as of yet undecorated. After my upcoming vacation, when I make those, I'll post about that method, which you might find easier.

Eve said...

I love that! How creative, to do an oplimpic stepping stone. I really do want to make some of these.

Gail said...

What fun, sigh, I miss mosaic work! It is too buggy to go out to the shed and work so I am thoroughly enjoying yours!


Cindy said...

Eve - I couldn't decide for a long time what to do. I didn't want to just copy the examples on the box although that would have been fine. I like the red, white and blue together.

Gail - I'm glad you can enjoy it. And I hope your bugs go away soon! I can't wait to do some glass on glass like you have. Maybe this fall will be a good time.

Lauri said...

Gosh, this looks so easy I might have to try it! Thanks Cindy!