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Monday, November 17, 2008

There's more than frost on these pumpkins!

There is always something magical about the first snowfall. Everything looks so pure, so clean, so white, it's such a drastic change from the reds, then golds, then browns we have been used to as fall progresses. I think the only thing more magical is the first ice storm, transforming the world into a crystallized ice palace so beautiful it's hard to be annoyed at the inconvenience and danger it presents. But we have not been visited by the ice fairy yet, only the snow queen who is covering our garden with the first mantle of winter. This is hardly any amount of snow to be worried about, a dusting I would call it, but the little flakes continue to drift down making it the perfect day to stay inside and drink hot chocolate. Won't you enjoy a cup with me as I share some photos with you.

The poor Flowering Quince has been confused by the recent warmer weather and is now rethinking her decision to bloom.

The Coneflower seed head catches the snowflakes perfectly.

A miniature forest of Rosemary

My late blooming mums, laden down with snow. This made me think of snow covered swans.

While this is my first snow, garden bloggers around the world have already experienced their first taste of winter. To follow the snow trail check out Nancy at Soliloquy's Garden Blogger's First Snowfall feature.


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I love the new photos! I can't believe it's snowing around the country already.

Do you live near Mansfield, PA? My son, an archaeologist, has been up there for a few months on a project. He's mentioned snow (and bears). He'll be home at Thanksgiving.


DP Nguyen said...

What beautiful snow photos. I love how the mums are still alive, even when covered with snow.

I can't believe the snow is already in your region; it's only cold and miserable here in TN. I wish it would snow. It's so pretty!

Roses and Lilacs said...

The photo of the mums is beautiful! We had flurries but not as much as you.

perennialgardener said...

Your mums look very lovely covered in snow. The garden takes on another dimension with snow sitting on the seedheads & ground. Pretty!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Poor little flowers...brr Very nice photos Cindy / Tyra

Jan said...

What lovely snow photos. Thanks for sharing.

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Those are beautiful photos ... Congrats on the first snowfall. I think there is something so wonderfu and magical about the first snow of the year - thanks for sharing :)

Gail said...

Cindy, What beautiful words you've written about snow and ice! The photos are also lovely...Have a great day!


tina said...

Brrrrr Cindy! Isn't it too soon? I knew right away it must be snow on the pumpkins. Yes, something sweet about it for sure. Hope Lillian is enjoying it! Those mums look great. I can kind of see swans in them:)

joey said...

I especially love your confused little flowering quince. I have a stunning obedient quince at the lake, now sleeping, not like your nosey darling. A lovely post with great photos ;)

Anna said...

No snow for us in the piedmont of NC yet but my son in Virginia said they had some today.

Snow on pumpkins! That would make a good header too--save it for next year. I like the header you are currently using. It's the kind of picture that makes you want to see what's inside this blog.

I did have some hot chocolate while I was here. It was really good? Did you use whole milk and the finest chocolate? Sure tasted like it.

Cindy said...

Cameron ~ We're more South-Western PA, Mansfield (I believe) is North-Central PA. That is bear country up there - and very beautiful. That's cool that he's an archeologist. Very interesting work.

DP ~ It seems like the cold is here to stay. Now all we can do is hope for a warm day every now and again to break the monotony.

Marnie ~ We had more overnight. Hopefully we'll have some sun today to melt it off the driveway and porch.

PGL ~ Thank you. Yes I love how the seed heads just catch the flakes.

Tyra ~ Thank you. Yes, and poor birds outside too. I had to feed them since the snow is covering everything up.

Jan ~ Thank you!

Wendy ~ Yes it is very magical. It's funny how quickly that magic disappears in February though! LOL.

Gail ~ Thank you! Maybe there's a poem in there somewhere. I'll have to keep looking for it.

Tina ~ Yes, too soon. There shouldn't be snow until after Thanksgiving! Lillian has only seen it from the inside so far. I ordered some snow boots for her and have been waiting for them to be delivered.

Joey ~ I think Quince learned her lesson. Although I do love seeing her pretty red/pink blooms. Do you get fruit on your Obedient Quince ? We sometimes set one or two on ours. I'm not sure if it's edible but we let the squirrels have them.

Anna ~ Thank you. I had wanted to change the header for a while now and finally took the 2 minutes to do so. But I did just take that photo a few days ago. The light was just right and illustrates a line of poetry that has been floating around in my head..."Oh, Willows fair, with golden hair"
Only I haven't found the rest of the poem yet - lol.
I'm glad you enjoyed the hot chocolate, it was whole milk and fine Swiss chocolate.

Frances said...

Hi Cindy, what a winter wonderland, it does make everything magical. The mums do look like swans, so graceful and elegant. I am amazed that you can grow rosemary there too, in the ground?


Cindy said...

Frances ~ I only grow Rosemary as an annual. Sometimes I will pot it up and over winter it inside but I haven't this year. But, thinking about it now, I should probably go and cut it back so at least I can use it before it dies down. So sad, to cut down my little Rosemary forest, but Rosemary garlic potatoes would be pretty tasty.

Rose said...

There's nothing quite so beautiful as that first snowstorm; The coneflower seedhead looks like it has a little woolen cap on. We probably won't think it's quite so beautiful in March:)

I really like your new header photo!

TC said...

Beautiful photos Ms. Cindy. I bet you're out right now snapping more pictures of the second (or third?) snow!

nancybond said...

Beautiful photos, Cindy! I'll add a link to the First Snowfall page right away. We could see our first snow today as well, though it may be mixed with rain...which just makes for an ugly mess! :) The mums are beautiful with the snow on them!

Cindy said...

Rose ~ Ha! yes it does look like a little cap. And I don't think it will take until March for me to, shall we say, not enjoy as much, this snow.

TC ~ no pictures today although it was definitely more white out there this morning. I just didn't feel like braving the cold.

Nancy ~ the dreaded snow/rain mix, ugh! Stay safe if you must be out driving in it.

spookydragonfly said...

You're snow covered mums look like they're sugar-coated! Very pretty!

Cinj said...

Hi Cindy. I LOVE hot chocolate and could use some here today too.

The first thought that popped into my head when I saw your title was wondering if you were talking about the mold growing on my pumpkin. It finally made it to the compost pile after several days of festering on my front porch.

Your flowers looks about as confused as my roses were.

Cindy said...

SpookyDragonfly ~ they do look sugar coated and now I'm thinking of sugar plums and gum drops.

Cinj ~ Ha Ha! The critters have gotten to most of our pumpkins and I am constantly putting the remains in the compost. Of course the jack o'lanterns molded a while ago but they also became a mess after the raccoons came by.
Poor flowers are so easily confused. PS. Please stay for a second cup of chocolate, it's a cold day :)

The Organic Gardener said...

Hey Cindy,

What a great garden, I can't belive you still have flowers that are blooming! Mine are all gone and dead. Like you, it has snowed here, for the 3rd time already! Hard to believe, Christmas is just around the corner. Any way congrats on your wining the Blotanical's prise! I'm very happy for. I saw the book that you won, and though I would have to get too. So, I did. Looks like a good book!


Anna said...

I came back to read your response to me while I enjoy a piece of carrot cake. I brought a piece for you too!

Cindy said...

Zach ~ Thank you so much for the congratulations. It was a big surprise for me to win! I'm looking forward to the book. I hope you enjoy your copy as well.

Anna ~ Oh, how did you know I loved carrot cake. Thanks, it was just what I needed :)

Naturegirl said...

Lovely images of a first snow! We are into a white world here also!Stay warm!

Cindy said...

Hi Naturegirl - Another cup of hot chocolate is needed tonight. I think you should have one too!