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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Garden Blogger Bloom Day ~ October 2008

It seems like the trees are putting on more of a display then the flowers here as I walk down my garden path, but I was able to find a few blooms. Let's start with these Mums with the pretty yellow centers peaking through.

Next we have this pretty plant which I forget the name of and I have lost the tag as well - (I'm sure someone out there knows it!). It has very pretty white flowers right now and has survived the summer's drought.

Here is a wildflower area where I just sprinkled seeds this spring. A few Cosmos and Zinnias have survived the deer. Maybe it's all those weeds that have deterred the deer of late.

One lone Coneflower bravely blooms. He's probably wondering where all his other Coneflower family has gone.

And the Honeysuckle is blooming again, putting out some sweet perfume.

Finally, one of the indoor plants, a cactus, is showing a nice white and prickly bloom.

For more of what's blooming around the world, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens for Garden Blogger Bloom Day.


Dave said...

Those deer can be frustrating! One of them just rubbed the bark from two small maples I planted this year. At least some of the flowers you planted escaped them! I think we have a similar color cosmos.

TC said...

We should enjoy these last few days of bloom time eh Cindy? ;~)

I believe that's Eupatorium rugosum "Chocolate," as I have the same plant. The leaves would turn more of a chocolate color in full sun, which mine doesn't get. I need to move it so we can get some chocolate! ;~)

Gail said...


That is a beautiful hill that you've shown us! Lovely color and very autumnal! We are lucky to not have deer pester us! The clay is enough of a hassle!

Take care and have beautiful day in your garden...gail

Anonymous said...

Very lovely shot of foliage with the leaves turning their autumn colors. Wildflowers are great at extending the bloom season. Cosmos are some of favorite reseeding annuals that bloom for a long period of time. Happy GBBD!

Sarah Laurence said...

Cindy, since it’s GBBD I’m commenting on your garden blog instead of Gettysburg, although those are nice photos too. Your autumn leaves are lovely and aren’t you lucky to still have so many flowers blooming in mid October. The cactus will get you through the winter. What a funny bloom! Great snake picture below. Sounds less risky than a hand. The arboretum is so pretty.

Cindy said...

Dave ~ Those darn deer! I hope your maples survive.

TC ~ Thanks for the plant id. I'm very happy I haven't killed it with the lack of care it's had this year and last.

Gail ~ It's funny, that's the hill opposite us and the colors are more turned than on our hill, but we are southern facing and they are northern facing so I guess it's not a big mystery and I'm sure ours will be more turned in a day or two.

PGL ~ I could enjoy a whole meadow of wildflowers and will be working on getting one established next year.

Sarah ~ Thanks for stopping by on the garden side of my blogging endevours. It's funny, until I went out to walk around I didn't really realize how many flowers were out there. The cactus always have such neat blooms don't they.

joey said...

Enjoyed the photo of your lovely countryside. I have visited in autumn and know how lucky you are ;)

Rose said...

Cindy, I think we have some of the same flowers:) The zinnias have just been a delight this summer. Your cosmos look lovely--this is one flower I don't have, but plan to plant next year.
Like you, I think the trees are more beautiful than the flowers right now.

Naturegirl said...

A lovely Bloom Day walk down your path! I also grow pricklies but never thought to post them on my Bloom Day post!
A Canadian Bloomer. NG

Cindy said...

Joey ~ I just love living where the trees change color so beautifully.

Rose ~ You'll love Cosmos, they are a favorite of mine. And they sometimes self seed. I'm hoping mine do this year.

Naturegirl - The poor cacti are so often overlooked in our house, they are so low maintenance, but I noticed that bloom when we were rearranging the inside plants to accommodate all the ones that must be moved back inside for winter. Thanks for stopping by :)

Carol Michel said...

Wow, that is quite a view of that hillside. Something to look forward to each autumn. Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

Oh, this makes me homesick!

Cindy said...

Hi Shell -- Thanks for visiting and stop back anytime you need a reminder of home :)