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Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Blooms 2008

This morning I walked around and took pictures of all the May Blooms.

My Rhododendrons are in full (Scintillation)

and just starting (not sure of this one's name but it's very common in Western PA). And of course my early rhodo - PJM is quite finished.

And my red azalea is looking good this year. Unfortunately his white counterpart did not survive the winter.

There are a couple of iris blooming right now. The purple bearded are just starting.

And here's a white one that grows on my hillside garden.

Here is a clematis that is blooming.

And almost all of the alliums.

A walk through the vegetable garden shows some lettuces and such doing well.

And the newly weeded chives (finally I can see them!) are blooming very nicely.

I'll end this post with my most beautiful Lily of all, my 6 1/2 month old daughter. She always joins me in my gardening ventures and can't wait to have her own garden.


Sarah said...

Your tight bed of iris is stunning!

tina said...

I just love it when bloggers tell us where they garden. Sometimes it is hard to figure out. Your irises are great-your daughter too!

Carol said...

That's sure a sweet "Lily" in that last picture. How nice she loves to garden already.

Thanks for joining us for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens