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Friday, September 12, 2008

If I'd only known how to make it rain...

Well it seems that the way to get rain to my Western PA garden was not doing a rain dance, no, it was scheduling roof work to be done. Yes, that's right, no rain for two months and the day after my garage roof is ripped off, it's pouring, with days of rain for the forecast. Isn't that the way it always is.

Anyway, having the roof replaced on the two detached garages is just one step of many in some outdoor renovations which are happening this fall. I should say, hopefully happening this fall. Until they are completed, one never knows.

Fall, the time of big projects. The work in the garden is usually slowing down and thoughts of winter are creeping in, as are thoughts that the year will soon be over and what have we accomplished! So, time to hurry up and accomplish something. One year it was having the siding replaced and a new front door installed. Last year, it was the roof on the house and the two bedrooms redone. This involved more work than that statement indicates as it involved wallpaper removal. I'll just leave it at that. Last years frenzy of work was done in the summer/very early fall - to prepare for the BIG fall project of welcoming Baby Lillian to our home. But enough of past projects and onto this years.

Next to our little garage there stands a tree, a very big, dying, I think cottonwood tree. Well, no more. On Labor Day, with the help of John's Dad, we took out most of the tree. All that remains you can see below, and this will come down in the near future. Half of this tree died earlier in the summer, dropping all it's leaves like it was October.

Next step, have the roofs replaced. As you can see, this roof is in very bad shape.

The other side looks much better but it must all be replaced.

On the big garage, the roof also needs to be replaced. I will be so happy to not be picking up shingles from the yard each time there is a storm. Oh, one last step before the roofers can come, that trumpet vine that has started to take over in its quest for world domination, must get a haircut.

After the roofs are replaced, the little garage is going to get an awning attached to it. This will be off to the right, covering the concrete area, making a nice, covered area for all sorts of garden activities. Once the awning is attached, gutters will be added, and they will be set up to empty into rain barrels. You can never stock up enough water. The awning is John's parents old awning which used to cover their deck. We've had it for a while but have just decided how to best utilize it.

On the left side of the little garage, we took out some very overgrown bushes. Right now some of the trunks and the roots are still there. I'm not looking forward to getting those out. But this is to be a new bed! Yeah! I'm still thinking over what will go here, but it will all be perennial.

Well, that's the plan as it stands right now. I am happy for the rain, but it is interrupting our plan and makes for a bit of dampness in the garage as the old shingles are off but the new ones not on yet. So after all that time of praying for rain, now I'm praying for sunshine. Ironic, isn't it?


tina said...

It IS always like that for sure. You want it to rain just replace the roof or wash your car. Never fails. Glad you are getting some rain but hopefully it will dry out so you can finish the roof work! You can definitely tell a gardener lives at your place:) Be sure to post on the awning as I'd love to see it.

tina said...

I wonder where everyone is? Seems slow on blogs doesn't it. I think the changing of the seasons and the hurricane coming isn't helping at all:)

Eve said...

It is all about timing, isn't it?
Billy put that roll roofing stuff on his shed roof but didn't have the shingles on yet. Along comes four Hurricanes right in a row and although we missed the worst of them, we still got a lot of rain and wind.
I guess he will be replacing most of it.

Gail said...

It's often like that isn't it! We had some staining to do on Thursdayand that's the day the humidity went up to %85 and the stain wouldn't dry!

Do let us see your new awning!


Cindy said...

Tina ~ If only I had scheduled the roof earlier, maybe everything wouldn't have dried out. Oh well. We had 4.5 inches yesterday and more on the way.
Maybe Friday Night H.S. football was contributing to the slowness. And I think the whole nation was tuned into Ike last night :)

Eve ~ I hope you get your shed roof on. Is the rain ending for you soon ? I'm sorry he has to repeat work, that's always a bummer.

Gail ~ It seems like everyone is busy with fall projects! I will definitely post on the awning, probably as it is taking form and once it is finished :)

tina said...

Zowie! Wowie! 4.5 inches! I need some! We are not even getting any from Ike.

Cindy said...

Tina ~ If I could I would send it your way! We need to dry out now, but I think Ike is headed our way. At least this should help the water table a bit and hopefully rejuvenate my plants.

TC said...

You said it Cindy: "Isn't that the way it always is."

You've made me tired just reading about all the projects goin on around your place. And you best keep an eye on that trumpet vine, you know they've almost become an invasive in our neck of the woods.

Cinj said...

Another great way to get it to rain is to try to paint your shed. Oh well. We need the rain up here. I hope that our grass starts germinating soon.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the way it always works. Almost everytime my husband washes the cars it rains here, lol. Looks like you have alot of projects inwork or in the planning stage. Can't wait to see the new perennial bed.

joey said...

Indeed it is ironic, Cindy. I've spent the last 2 days indoors and though we're blessed with much needed rain, today we had flood warnings (Ike has been busy) Do hope you dry out and are able to finish your outdoor projects.

Rose said...

Trying to put on a new roof is the surest way to guarantee getting some rain:) I hate the mess and work involved with projects like this, but the end results are always worth it. I hope it dries out soon for you so that everything can get back on schedule.

Wendy Christensen said...

I love your big, red barn ... :) Good luck with all the 'outdoor projects' and the rain that seems to KNOW when a roof is being pulled up and off ...!

Cindy said...

TC ~ Yes, lots of projects. We never seem to get caught up.

Cinj ~ Yes, we needed the rain too. And now it's nice again and the roof work is continuing :) I hope your grass starts recovering from the summer.

PGL ~ I'll have all winter to think about that bed, I don't think it will even be dug now until Spring :(

Joey ~ Oh, I hope you didn't have flooding from Ike. We didn't get any rain from Ike but the wind, oh the wind.

Rose ~ yes it will be worth it. And the garages will be cleaned out to boot! And it's one of the projects that once it's done, it's done. And you can cross that off your list. Unlike mowing the grass or weeding which are never ending.

Wendy ~ Thank you! It's funny because it seems more and more like a barn to me. We took the ceiling out to open the inside up to the rafters and the previous owners did keep sheep in there I believe.