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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Storm Damage from Ike

Here are some pictures my husband took of the storm damage we sustained when Hurricane Ike raced north. I haven't had a chance to take the tour yet but these pictures speak for themselves. And they are saying we have a lot of work to do to clean up from Ike!


tina said...

Oh boy! Lots of sad trees! Thankfully none near the house and now you have free firewood? Gotta make lemonade right?

Rose said...

It's always so sad to see big trees felled by a storm. At least they weren't near your house!

Gail said...

Wind is incredibly powerful. I am heading to RI and they are getting ready to be pounded by a storm. Sigh. The other side of nature!


Eve said...

I live on the Gulf and it always amazes me how far these things travel and how much damgage they can do even after they hit land.

Cindy said...

Hello Everyone! I've been away but I'll be able to reply to you all now. I hope everyone had a good week :)

Tina ~ Yes lots of free firewood, once we get it cleaned up :(

Rose ~ We really were lucky. It was amazing to drive around the neighborhood and see all the huge trees that were downed.

Gail ~ I hope you have a safe journey and the storm is not too damaging.

Eve ~ That storm had so much energy, to be so large and still have hurricane level gusts this far north. Weather is fascinating to me.

perennialgardener said...

I have to agree with Tina, at least they didn't hit the house & you got some free firewood. It's always a sad sight to see mature trees felled by storms. We lost a couple of trees during Hurricane Isabel four years ago. My yard looked like a crazy jungle for weeks. :(

Dave said...

Wow Ike sure did some damage. We didn't have anything down here in TN. Not even rain!

Cindy said...

PGL - yes, we have to look on the bright side but we will be cleaning this up for a while. It's in an area we don't see everyday which will probably delay the cleanup and we have to figure out how to manage it best logistically.

Dave - We only had the wind, no rain. And it was a big surprise to everyone, there was no advance warning, not that knowing it was coming would have made a difference.

Cath said...

Awww Cindy! I'm so sorry about your trees!

That will be a pile of work, too... although if it's in an area you don't usually use, maybe you could get to it pretty slowly? Downed trees quite often become shelter for small wildlife, so maybe if they're not dangerous to your kids, you could leave one or two?

I'm so glad y'all weren't hurt... Ike was really ferocious!


Cindy said...

Cath ~ Oh, there's plenty of places for the small and large wildlife already - LOL! We'll probably just get the ones that appear most dangerous at first, and the ones obstructing paths, mowing lanes, etc. It's a job for sure.

Nola @ Alamo North said...

Hi Cindy, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am "following" your blog now. I'm reading backward through your old posts; how strange to come across the post about "ike". I went back to see where you were,man, was I surprised! You got more damage than we did, and we were directly in ike's path, south of dallas. We got NO WIND, just 1 1/2 of nice, slow, cool rain. There you are hundreds of miles further along his path, and you got wind damage. Ike was a strange one, wasn't he!
Just wanted to say "hi", I'm going to go on through your older posts now. Have a good day.