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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Sweet Trip to Hershey PA

Last week we took a trip to Central PA to visit Hershey and Gettysburg. Our first stop was Hershey and the beautiful Hershey Gardens. The Hershey Gardens are right next to the luxurious Hershey Hotel and right across the street from Hershey Park. If you are in Hershey you shouldn't miss them, they are spectacular.

When you first enter the gardens, you are amidst the huge rose gardens. It's fabulous, with a pond, gazebo, and rose arches. These are rose gardens like I can only imagine having. Remember, when visiting professional gardens to constantly remind yourself that it is impractical to think that you can recreate this at home. Maybe you can recreate 1% at home but don't belittle your own garden for not measuring up to the professionally tended gardens in size, variety, or lack of weeds :)

The Japanese Garden was very peaceful, with a reflecting pond and gurgling brook. It was so peaceful that it was here Lillian dozed off for her nap.

The Herb Garden area was another favorite of mine. It featured a fig tree, laden with figs. The herbs were divided into groups such as culinary, medicinal, and dyeing.

We saw many elements of whimsy throughout, like this bunny peeking out from some grasses in the Ornamental Grass Garden.

These False Autumn Crocus (Colchium speciosum) were a burst of color.

The Seasonal Garden was awash with color galore and mounds of mums for fall. I particularly like the hedge rows dividing the areas.

There is also a wonderful Children's Garden, Arboretum, and Conifer Collection which I will talk about in subsequent posts. I don't want this to get too long and this way I can post more photos :)

After we left the gardens, we stopped at Hershey's Chocolate World (just five minutes away) to take the Chocolate Factory Tour and load up on some sweet Hershey's chocolate. This was a quick stop, but well worth it!


tina said...

I don't know what to say first-either yum to the chocolate or wow to the gardens! I like them both ya know! At least anyone who sees me will know I love chocolate. Those color combos are very pretty and I hope Lillian enjoyed the park, even with a nice nap in the Japanese garden, which is very serene.

TC said...

I've heard so much about the gardens at Hershey and must make it out there soon.

I'd be in heaven among those gorgeous roses.

Eve said...

Okay, I have one word. Wow.

Every picture was great. The Japanese garden did look peaceful. But that rose garden, was soemthing I would dearly love to see in person.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous garden Cindy! I would love to visit it with all the wonderful perennials & roses in full glory. Looks like you picked a great time to see it. Thanks for sharing. That rose garden is magnificent!

Cindy said...

Tina ~ We came home with alot of chocolate! We love it too. Lillian did enjoy the gardens, especially when she was out of the stroller and free to roam around, picking up leaves and bits of moss, etc.

TC ~ It was my first time there but I would definitely go back. Those roses are heavenly!

Eve ~ The brochure says there are over 275 varieties of roses. It was great everything was still in such wonderful bloom.

PGL ~ It was nice because it wasn't crowded (weekday morning) and it was one of those perfect fall days. I would recommend visiting Hershey to anyone.

Rose said...

I'm glad you made time for some chocolate! The gardens are spectacular, and you are so right about realizing you can't duplicate these at home. I love to visit public gardens like these and always feel a little disappointed when I get home and look at mine. But then I have to remember there's just me to tend them, not to mention a much more limited budget:)

Cindy said...

Rose ~ My husband kept telling me he would like me to duplicate those gardens at home. I just laugh to myself knowing the impossibility of the task. And you're right, it's not just the time, but the money as well!

joey said...

So enjoyed this post, Cindy. Have been away for 10 days and catching up. Much of my family has lived in PA (many born) and my dear niece still lives in Bucks County. Have always wished to visit Hershey personally but now feel that I have. Thanks dear one for the lovely tour!

Anonymous said...

You were right in my neck of the woods. If you come back it'd be great fun to get together!

That's so true - "don't belittle your gardens." Sometimes it gets discouraging to see such beautiful gardens. Then I knock myself upside the head and say, "Duh, they hire lots of people to make it look this way."