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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bird Sighting Update

Just a quick note to let you know that within 2 days of putting up the hummingbird feeder I saw a hummingbird stop at it for a quick drink. And I have seen at least 2 different hummers stop by every now and then. I love it when you are just sitting outside and all of a sudden you hear the tell tale buzzing, then you can look around and try to spot them.

As for the orioles, I haven't seen any at the feeder but I have seen one on our property, closer to the road. This was on my daily constitutional with Lillian down the driveway and back up (me pushing her in the stroller). When I saw the oriole on the fence I had my camera but the darn digital is too slow.

So no pictures yet. I will keep trying.

1 comment:

ricki said...

just wait! Those hummers become quite bold once they get to know you. Whenever I take down our feeder to clean and replenish, they hover around the kitchen window as if to say "where's our breakfast?" I'm sure they must have been the inspiration for the Star Wars fighter planes, as they dive-bomb through our covered deck every evening.