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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Deer De-Fences

So we have fortified our garden area against the deer.

It's not like we didn't have fences before, but deer being the tricky creatures they are, can jump quite high and over any fence we had up. So using a combination of stakes, garden twine, and trellises we have tried to make the garden area too crowded and undesirable for them to want to be there. So far it's been working. We'll see if it lasts.

What do you do to keep the deer and other pests out ? Let me know in the comments.

This reminds me of a fort. Let's hope it helps keep them out (unless they can figure out how to open the gate!)

I haven't seen any rabbits around this year, which is good, because this wouldn't keep them away from my little bean plants.


Sarah Laurence said...

That is a fort! Part of the reason I like living in town in Maine is the deer don't invade and eat our rhodies. Fewer bugs too. Sorry - that's not much help unless you move. Good luck!

tranquil solitude said...

Sarah - Luckily the "fort" is working so far, so we won't have to move. If only I could reason with these animals, I would grow a little garden just for them. But they don't understand and want to eat a little here, a little there, creating havoc as they make their way. So much for country livin'

tina said...

I have a big chain link fence and three dogs. The deer don't stand a chance at this non buffet! No bunny problem either-thank goodness. Hi Sarah!

tranquil solitude said...

Tina - Yes I have often thought that a dog would do the trick, but a dog is not in the works for me right now. And I actually have some chain link fence (uninstalled) but I don't like how it looks (which is why it is uninstalled), so I will just try to discourage those rascals this way. ~Cindy

tina said...

There is something else friends tell me works. A deer spray. Maybe deer proof? Something like that. Good luck! I have lots of fences, ugly I know, but they serve a purpose.

tranquil solitude said...

Tina - Yes I think I have heard of that. Maybe if the "Fortress" stops working I will have to invest in some.