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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I decided to take a break from the 12 Gift series today and give you a brief intermission. Here are some pictures of our tree and some of my favorite ornaments. Of course, there are just a small number of ornaments on the tree this year as it had to be able to withstand Lillian's grasp. But the Little People Nativity Village under the tree and the trains seem to divert her attention from the tree, so there hasn't been any damage to report so far.

This ornament is made from Christmas Cards. It was one of several my girlfriend and I made one year.

I cross-stitched this Santa.

This is one of 12 that my Mom cross-stitched for me. Each is a different Christmas carol. She made a set of 12 for each of her 8 children. That's a lot of x's.

This is one of my ornaments from Royal Copenhagen that I bought when working in Denmark. The heart is a reoccurring theme in their ornaments.

Lillian's having fun playing with her village.

Here Lillian has gathered up all the train cars for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Precious, it's all precious. I'm a heart nut so love the story and ornament.

Gail said...


Lillian is adorable...she takes the spotlight off your lovely tree and ornaments! Have a wonderful day!


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...


Aww... sweet little LIllian looks like she's having a great time! I just love ornaments with stories. All of my handmade ornaments are still packed this year since we downsized our tree.

What does Lillian want for Christmas?


Cindy said...

Anna - yes I love the heart motif. Those ornaments hold such special memories for me.

Gail - she sure does steal the show. She is enjoying the trains and the tree this year.

Cameron - I left so many ornaments packed away. We really have enough to fill two trees (our trees aren't that big as you can see). I only put one up this year though. I think ornaments with stories and memories are the best.

I don't think Lillian knows herself what she wants for Christmas! Hopefully books, and more Little People, and a teaset, and the list goes on and on...

TC said...

I love those stitched ornaments. Your white tree is really pretty too.

And you should use the picture of Lillian with that big smile as a Christmas card. What a cutie pie! I really miss mine not being that young. And some folks think I'm nuts for sayin that.

tina said...

Love your tree Cindy. I can't believe how big Lillian has grown. She looks very happy and ready for Christmas! Lovely intermission.

Cindy said...

TC - Thanks, I like the white tree too. It's different and the colored garland and poinsettias really stand out. It's hard to capture her smile on film. Usually when you get the camera out she either runs away or attacks you!

Tina - Thank you. Lillian has gotten so big. I was just looking at pictures of her from a year ago. Her hair is so much lighter now and of course she's really grown. And now she's all about trouble!

Sarah Laurence said...

Lillian looks so happy. Your tree must be a total delight for her. In just another year or two she'll be adding to your ornament collection.

Rose said...

What a smart Mom you are to put the Little people's village underneath the tree! This reminds me of visiting my son's house shortly after they put their tree up. It was completely surrounded by furniture or large cushions because my 18-month-old grandson had been re-decorating it:)