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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zygocactus - A Big Bloomer

While at this time of year there is not much going on in my outside garden, it is the time for the inside plants to shine and take center stage. So over the next several indoor months, this blog will just have to focus on the inside beauties with the occasional update to the outside.

In that spirit, I bring you pictures of my blooming Zygocactus. I hesitate to call it a Christmas Cactus because it does bloom at Thanksgiving for me, without fail, every year. There is also an Easter Cactus which obviously blooms in the Spring. The tag that came with my "Holiday" Cactus does not indicate a botanical name other than Zygocactus and gives the following information.

Features: Thick, succulent leaves and large flowers.

How to Grow: Indirect light. Moderately moist soil. Cool/moderate home temperature 60-70F (15-21C).

I give it exactly what is called for. It gets bright, indirect light, it is watered about once a week, and we keep the temperature in the mid-60's during the winter. I do turn it every so often so it gets even lighting all around. Every year we get great blooms as you can see for yourself. We keep this plant in an area where Lillian is not too often, which is good. She is very intrigued by the blooms and likes to touch them and pull on them, which will make them fall off.

I did read that it is fairly easy to propagate these from leaf cuttings. And although I have never done so, I may try it. They would make great holiday gifts in a year or two!

This is my entry in my blogging friend Fern's latest contest at Life on the Balcony. You can check out the contest by clicking the link to her site, but to give you the gist of it, you are to post a photo of your favorite, most beautiful indoor plant. Thanks Fern, for always sponsoring such interesting contests.


tina said...

It is beautiful enough to touch and looks good enough to eat. I can see why Lily would be fascinated by it! I'll head to Fern's to see what is up there.

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

This gorgeous plant has a funny name - Zygocactus?! Sounds like it should be from the planet Zygo!! :) It's truly lovely - good luck with the indoor plant contest!

Gail said...

Hi Cindy, I hope you had a great holiday! I don't grow indoor plants because of the plant eating cat, but these are lovely and charming. The deep green leaves and striking red flower are perfect for Christmas color! Have a good day~~Gail

Cindy said...

Tina ~ you are right on both counts which is why Lily is so fascinated!

Wendy ~ Ha! you think like me, sometimes I believe I live in a make-believe world of my own. Thanks for the luck :)

Gail ~ It was a nice holiday, I got to see my parents, my grandmothers, many of my siblings and assorted other relatives and eat great food too! I hope there is still at least one bloom in three weeks! Yikes, is Christmas that close!

Cinj said...

What a lovely plant. I don't have many indoor plants, I have only one left and it doesn't put out any blooms at all. I keep it because even a moron like me can grow it even if I forget to water it for months on end. Outdoor plants are much more forgiving of my absent mindedness because they have rain to water them sometimes. I AM getting better though so maybe soon I'll grow some more....

Are you going to share your tree once it's put up?

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Your indoor beauty is a beauty! Great color and of course, is in the spirit of the season. :-)


Frances said...

Hi Cindy, what a beautiful color, perfect to cheer us up when there is nothing blooming outside. I will have to check out Fern's contest also. Thanks for the head's up.


Cindy said...

Cinj ~ lucky for me, my husband does most of the indoor watering. Well, lucky for the plants too. I'm not very good at remembering to do it until they are looking quite poorly. We just have so many. I think you should get some indoor plants and try to get your children to help with the watering :)
And yes, I will share my tree once I get it up (hopefully that will be by the end of this weekend).

Cameron ~ Yes it certainly is a nice festive color for the holidays. It brightens that room considerably.

Frances ~ It is so grey and brown here, I need more indoor jewels like this one. But then I would need more space too!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. I have seen the pink ones but never one so brightly colored. I can't grow one. My husband keeps the house too hot.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Cindy, I'm glad to hear you will be talking about indoor plants. That sounds interesting.

I love your zygocactus. They come in the lovliest colors. I had one several years ago. Got tired of it and gave it away. Maybe it's time I tried another;)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous Christmas Cactus Cindy!

TC said...

My Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus looks just like yours Ms. Cindy. I just love that shade of red.

Gorgeous pictures!

joey said...

Your Zygocactus is 'bloomin' beautiful'!

Cindy said...

Anna ~ I can grow one because my husband keeps the house so cool :)

Marnie ~ Since most of us have limited indoor (and outdoor for that matter) space, it's nice to change up plants every once in a while. My husband doesn't like to get rid of any though, just get new ones.

PGL ~ Thank you!

TC ~ It is such a nice festive color. Is yours blooming right now ?

Joey ~ Thank you...now I am hungry for that bloomin' onion - lol!

Kim said...

Your cactus is beautiful. Although I have a green thumb, I have managed to kill every one of these "easy to grow" plants I've ever had. I'll just enjoy yours from over here, so I don't damage it. :-)

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi Cindy,
I have never had a Christmas cactus myself, but my mother used to and they were always nice. I have a cat who will not leave my indoor plants alone, and I have a very hard time keeping any right now. When the cat goes to kitty heaven I am going to get some more indoor plants! Perhaps even a Christmas cactus will be on my list! Jan

Cindy said...

Kim ~ Enjoy all you like. I'm very happy to share my plants with you :)

Jan ~ We love our pets despite their quirks, don't we. There are many plants I'd like to get but have no room. I have to wait until some of my plants go to plant heaven :)

Blossom said...

I just popped over from Fern's post to see your photos. What a gorgeous plant. I have a pink one but I love the deep colour of your flowers.


Cindy said...

Amy ~ Thank you. I just wish the blooms lasted longer :(