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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twelve Days of Gardening Gifts: Day One, Amaryllis

In amongst the truckloads of catalogs which are overloading my mailbox lately, I have found some inspiration for a garden blog post, actually twelve garden blog posts. These are not the coveted seed catalogs, eagerly awaited and carefully hoarded for later perusal on a winter's night, while dreaming of spring. I am talking about the catalogs from clothing companies, toy companies, tool companies, and over-priced gift companies. We get several every day and most of them go right into the recycling bag. I did keep a few out just to look and see what pretty things were available, not intending to buy, just out of curiosity. These were mostly garden related catalogs, by the way. I saw several nice things that I would love to have but would never buy for myself, which is when I thought of doing a series of posts highlighting twelve great gifts for the gardener in your life. Things that they probably wouldn't buy for themselves, but would love to have.

Today's selection brings us to the White Flower Farm's catalog. The one labeled Distinctive Holiday Gifts. Although not on the cover, the first several pages are filled with the gorgeous blooms of amaryllis. Now, I don't need any more amaryllis. I have a big planter in my basement right now, waiting to be brought out after Christmas to see if I can get my beauties to bloom again. But just because I don't NEED any more, doesn't mean I don't WANT any more. And I think I did buy most of my bulbs from White Flower Farms, so I can vouch for them.

There are several lovely varieties to choose from, I'll just highlight a few.

'Ice Queen': double blossoms of purest white, touched with yellow-green at their throats ($32-$62).

'Sumatra': narrow, orchid-like petals in color blends ranging from deep orange to coral ($30-$72).

'Red Nymph': enormous, scarlet, fully doubled, abundantly petaled blooms ($32-$75).

And my sentimental favorite, 'Sweet Lillian': a small flowered variety of cotton-candy pink marked with a white star ($29-$49).

There is even an option to send freshly cut amaryllis ($69-$99) if you would rather a bouquet over bulbs.

All photos from White Flower Farm.

Stay tuned over the next two weeks for the other 11 gifts that your gardener would love to get (well, at least that I would love to get!)


tina said...

Those are way cool! I had no idea amarylis came in such diverse forms. My father sent me one bulb two years ago and it is still going strong. I love it. Looking forward to the other posts!

Anonymous said...

I love WFF amaryllis--well, most amaryllis--too, Cindy! A great start on gardening gifts. Can't wait to see the other 11!

Cindy said...

Tina ~ Oh, I do hope you'll be showing pictures of your amaryllis on your blog. Maybe even January's Flower of the Month?

OFB ~ WFF has a great selection don't they. I was thinking of you when I started this post of lists. Let's hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew, promising 11 more posts before Christmas. What was I thinking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, boy, I hope your special Santa is reading, he will get some great gift ideas for you! HA I am strangely attracted to those narrow leaf amaryllis for some reason. The big ones are just too top heavy and need a stake of some kind to stand up, but those smaller ones look so much more natural, to me anyway.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift any of these would make for a gardener!

Gail said...

Hi Cindy, Oh you must get the Lillian amaryllis! Someday she will totally love it! Beautiful aren't they all...but the Sumatra is very charming! gail

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Pretty. I would never spend that much for bulbs, I'm WAY too cheap! Nice to drool over though.

Of course I'd rather have bulbs that a flower boquet. Flower boquets never return, once they wilt, they're gone.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hello Cindy, what a lovely Amaryllis parade! Hard to choose a favorite they are so very different, but the Ice queen is soooo impressive/ Love Tyra

Cindy said...

Frances - HA! Yes but maybe I shouldn't have waited so long. Maybe I should have left notes, and catalogs strategically placed around the house with big circles and arrows. Hmmm, a thought for next year - lol. Yes those big ones do need some staking or they get so floppy. I do like the orchid like look some of the smaller ones have.

PGL - They do bring a nice burst of color in the gloomy, dark days of winter.

Gail - yes I like that Sumatra a lot. And isn't it funny how we are drawn to things just because of the name?

Cinj - Yes, very expensive for just a bulb. And I'm with you on the cut flowers as well. I had to include it though as I had never seen it before. To me cut flowers are a rare luxury for sure.

Tyra - they have so many more varieties on their site/catalog. If I were buying, it would be hard to choose.

Anonymous said...
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TC said...

I wonder why 'Sweet Lillian' would be your favorite?? ;~)
White Flower Farm is a pretty upscale flower catalog, gorgeous stuff, but not for impecunious shoppers like me. ;~)

Cindy said...

TC - Sometimes it's nice to just ohhh and ahhhh though, isn't it?