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Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 Days of Gardening Gifts: Day Ten, Whimsy

We're moving right along in this gift giving series. For Day 10 we are headed into the world of whimsy. And Plow and Hearth is just the place to take us there.

Look at this adorable Elfin Door, perfectly decorated for the holidays. Your garden fairies and elves will appreciate a portal for getting between their worlds.

Elfin Christmas Door - $12.95 on sale for $9.99. 7 1/4" x 8" H.

This is not something I would ever see me having a use for but it does qualify under the heading of whimsy. Does anyone use bush covers like this? You'll have to let me know.

Snowman Bush Cover - $19.95. In their words "Bags made of special non-woven Frost Protek™ polyester fleece cinch easily around your bushes when the forecast calls for a freeze. Stick-on facial features let you give the snowman his smile."

Onto something that I actually own, these cute animal ornaments. Although they were among those items which stayed stored away this year, safely out of Lillian's hands.

Animal Ornament Set includes Skunk, Raccoon, and Beaver for $24.95

They also have plenty of garden statues which would also lend a bit of whimsy to your garden or your gift giving. Thus concludes our list of ideas for today.

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tina said...

I really like all of these, but especially the shrub covers. They would be too cute! (read whimsical) This series has been quite fun Cindy.

Unknown said...

Those ornaments are adorable! I don't know that I'd have a use for the other two yet since the door for the garden fairies tree should be closer to my house than in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Adorable whimsical items for the garden. I love the snowman bush covers too. ;)

Gail said...


All fun gifts especially the snowmen! It would be our only snow! gail

TC said...

I love whimsy!

And you might want to check out www.kalalou.com for some fantastically new whimsical things for the garden.

Cindy said...

Tina ~ Wouldn't that be funny to be driving down the road and see some snowmen covering the bushes!

Cinj ~ Yes, it would be good to have the door somewhere where you might catch a peek at the fairies using it :)

PGL ~ I guess if we bundle up, why not the bushes too.

Gail ~ Not too much snow for you in TN, I guess. We haven't had too much here yet in PA, but I'm sure that's going to change.

TC ~ I was trying to check out that site but I haven't been able to register/login yet? I'll have to look at it more when I have a bit more time. I'm always looking for ideas :)