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Thursday, December 18, 2008

12 Days of Gardening Gifts: Day Eight, Garden Gnomes

On the subject of Garden Gnomes, I know people either run hot or cold. I happen to like these industrious and sometimes mischievous looking imps placed sporadically throughout the garden. Mine inhabit the vegetable and herb garden. Although I have to admit, they did take some getting used to, I am now a fan. But despair not, for if you don't like gnomes for your garden or they don't fit into your gardening gift giving scheme, there will be another gift idea tomorrow.

According to Wikipedia Garden Gnomes were first manufactured in Germany in the mid-1800's and the terracotta gnomes were made for people to enjoy the local myths that gnomes helped garden at night. Garden gnomes were first introduced to the UK in 1847 at Lamport Hall in Northamptonshire. Only one of the originals survives and is insured for one million pounds. Garden Gnomes have endured many pranks and kidnappings as well as exclusion from some of the more prestigious garden clubs and events.

Thanks to the internet, I was able to locate Kimmel Gnomes. Their gnomes are not mass produced but are handmade and cast from rare 19th century antique gnomes and from original sculptures by Welsh artist Candice Kimmel. They are glazed inside and out for a frost resistant finish. They are made in the U.S.A. and are outdoor safe and UV protected. Although it is past their ordering date for Christmas delivery, I still had to include them in my gift series because they are everything that the mass produced plastic, tacky gnomes are not.

All descriptions and photos are from Kimmel Gnomes.

Forest 12" green gnome with free mushroom. Regular price $89.95, On sale for $59.95
Forest is a classic gnome. He is handmade in Stoneware pottery and is glazed on the outside and inside so may be placed outside all year round with zero maintenance. A fantastic, large, robust gnome full of character.

Harold is a shelf sitter gnome with a grasshopper. 7" x 7" x 4 1/2" - $69.95

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome, set of two 9" gnomes. Regular price $84.95, On sale for $49.00.
Mr & Mrs Gnome have been married for 500 years and they're still smiling! A beautiful gnome couple that will bring a ray of sunshine to any home and garden.

And you can't forget your gnome accessories.
Set of Three Round Cap Mushroom Spikes, 5" to 6" tall - $24.95.
Life-sized clay mushrooms are designed to look like they are growing out of the ground. Use to accent your gnomes. Set of 3.

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tina said...

I am one of those who LOVES gnomes. I am glad you have some too. They would surely amuse Lillian-and you too:)

Roses and Lilacs said...

I used to see of lot them but haven't for some time. Have they fallen out of style? I think they are cute.

Gail said...

No gnomes, but I don't have strong feelings one way or another! Now if they came in rusty metal I might get one! Rusty metal always makes the cut here! Cindy this has been a very nice series! gail

Jan said...

Hi Cindy, You've been sharing some interesting ideas for gifts! I don't have any gnomes in my garden, unless they are hiding from me(!) but I've always thought they were cute. Have a Merry Christmas! Jan

Nola said...

The gnomes are adorable, I never knew they had such a history! I love gnomes, but you are right, a lot of people either love 'em or hate 'em. I can't believe any garden wouldn't be just a bit cuter with a darling gnome to watch over it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not crazy about Gnomes, but I love the mushrooms. :) Those would be adorable in a large container planting.

F Cameron said...

Fun post!
No gnomes in my home, but they are cute.


TC said...

I want to start collecting garden gnomes but I don't want to start paying that much for them. I'm not cheap, just frugal.