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Friday, December 12, 2008

Twelve Great Gardening Gifts: Day Three, Give-A-Tree Card

For Day Three of the Twelve Great Gardening Gifts, I go back to the mailbox for inspiration. We received a envelope from The Arbor Day Foundation with the following thank you gifts if you become a member: 2 Give-A-Tree Cards, A Rain Forest Rescue Calendar, and The Tree Book. All for the basic $10 membership. And who can forget the free address labels, I love those.

What intrigued me though, were the Give-A-Tree Cards. So off I went to their website to investigate. Every card plants a tree in one of the National Forests in honor of the card recipient. What a great way to honor someone while helping reforest America. Due to the large numbers of recent fires, there is a great need to replant trees in our National Forests. And I know I don't have to tell you about the many species of wildlife that make the forests their home.

The cards are $5.95 each, quantities of 100 or more are $3.50 each. You can order at their website and get cards for various occasions besides Holiday cards. There are also Birthday cards, Just Because cards, Special Occasion cards, and more. If you normally buy cards at a card store, this is really not that much more. Of course, if you buy cards at the Dollar Store like me, it is quite a bit more. Regardless of the cost, it would certainly be a nice gesture to show your support of a good cause.

Another thought I just had was that this would be a great way for a company to do something green. A lot of businesses spend lots of money at the holidays (maybe not as much this year as most), but if they were going to spend the money anyway, why not have it do something for the Earth as well. The cards can also be custom printed and a logo included.

Be sure to check out the Arbor Day Foundation's website. Besides the Give-A-Tree Cards, they do have other gift ideas. The Earth could always use another tree.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy! Plow & Hearth, one of my favorite catalogs, has planted 1.5 million trees in their home state, Virginia over the past 20 years as a gesture of appreciation to their customers and a way to care for the environment. Now, they've formed the Campaign to Reforest America in conjunction with the National Forest Foundation, and will contribute a seedling tree for every order placed with their company. Their goal is to donate a million trees a year. You can read more about this at www.plowandhearth.com/trees. It's win/win when a company you like anyway uses your money for a good cause!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Cindy, I like that idea. Sponsoring a tree in a national park is something to feel really good about.

F Cameron said...

I like the tree sponsorship campaigns. Good for everyone! What a great thing for children to learn, too.


Rose said...

Cindy, This is a great idea--I will check out their website.

I'm catching up today on blogreading while resting up from my vacation:) Just wanted to say I love looking at all the catalogs coming in right now, too; I get quite a few from Jackson and Perkins who offer similar gardening gifts as Whiteflower Farm. I don't have many people on my gift list who are gardeners, so these pages are tempting me, instead:) I would love to have jasmine and an amaryllis, too.

Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous! I haven't had one in years; you are making me think about getting one again.

tina said...

That is a really neat and innovative idea. I never heard of it. Excellent gift giving idea for businesses for sure.

Gail said...

Cindy, Thank you for the give a tree idea...it never occurred to me to give trees to the National Parks! Fabulous ideas! Gail

TC said...

I got my Arbor Day Foundation brochure a couple days ago and I'm still deciding whether or not to renew my membership. It has nothing to do with them, and all to do with me having way too many causes I'm donating to already.

Cindy said...

OFB - I love Plow and Hearth and didn't know that. Just another great reason to buy from them. Thanks for the heads up.

Marnie - Yes, and it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Cameron - yes, I think it's very important for children to experience nature. Lillian sure gets her fair share :)

Rose - Welcome Home! Believe me, I know how hard it is to catch up after just a day or two! I love looking at the J&P catalog as well and will pick a few "gifts" from there later in the series.

Tina - Since being "Green" is so in vogue right now, I would hope more and more businesses would take advantage of programs like this.

Gail - Even our parks could use a gift every now and then.

TC - I bet you got it the same time I got mine :) It is hard to decide when there are so many worthy causes. It's almost better to rotate through them, otherwise we could all go broke!

Anonymous said...

What a generous & selfless gift that helps our planet!