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Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Days of Gardening Gifts: Day 11, 10 Year Journal

Warm Hanukkah Wishes to those celebrating today!

When I choose the 10 year journal as the gift for Day 11 of this gift extravaganza, I was thinking of a regular journal, not specific to gardening, but one that could be adapted to gardening. However, while searching on the internet, I did find a 10 year gardening journal! Exactly what I wanted for this gift.

Lee Valley Tools is where I found this gem of a journal.

Because there description says it perfectly, I have copied it here. The journal costs $39.95 and can be started at any time.

"Because you will want to remember your gardening triumphs (and occasional setbacks), A Gardener's Journal is set up as a ten-year perpetual diary, which you may begin at any time.

In the diary section, one page is given to each day of the year, and each page is divided into 10 sections – more than enough for 10 years of personal jottings. In addition to the diary pages, there is also a section on such gardening techniques as composting, digging garden beds, tree care, soils, and garden tool maintenance, to name but a few. We also provide reference material and numerous charts.

There are several pages to record your inventory of perennials, more to record sketches of your garden, yet more to list plantings and harvestings, etc. In all, you will find 544 pages, most of which you can write upon. (An interactive gardening tool?) This format is designed to help you plan your way through years of gardening. Also, for your enjoyment, we have included intriguing notes on the history of plant lore, culled from arcane and often surprising sources.

Hardcover, Smyth sewn, and protected by a sturdy cloth binding, A Gardener's Journal is both a useful reference and your companion for gardening adventures. Measures 9" x 11". Published by Lee Valley."

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F Cameron said...

A lovely gift for any gardener.


Rose said...

Cindy, I think I'm going to have to bookmark your posts for reference next year! Of course, I could just use them to select some gifts for myself:) Mr. McGregor's Daughter recently posted about her 10-year garden journal; quite an inspiration. This one sounded a little expensive, until I started calculating--$3.95 per year is not bad at all.

Enjoyed all your suggestions for gifts, though those snowman bush covers look a little like Klansmen:) I think I'll pass on those...

tina said...

This is really what I need. Right now my only journal is an Excel spreadsheet and a pad of graph paper. Funny. I have always admired folks who keep these journals as they are such a nice record.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Ten years of accumulated garden info in one books would be a great resource. That's an excellent idea for gifts and for myself too.

I love the the previous post with the garden whimsy. I think gardens should have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a wonderful gift for any gardener! Thanks for the info, I've been wanting one of these since I seen it posted on another blog.

TC said...

I hate to admit it but since the proliferation of computers and Microsoft Word, I don't do "old fashioned" journaling.

Please don't stop being my friend! ;~)

Gail said...

I agree with everyone! This looks like a great journal! I wish I could make myself journal! Gail

Wayne Stratz said...

Hey get this... Tina tells me to come over and check your blog (I am from PA), so I come over and say, this looks familiar. I posted about magazines the other day. Anyway, I also read this post and ordered a journal. It arrived yesterday. How cool is that!

Happy New Years.

Machelle said...

Oh My!
I also done a post on this, my mom got this for me as a birthday gift. It is really a nice well made book. I hate to mess it up by writing in it. LOL