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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden Blogger Bloom Day - July 2008

GBBD snuck up on me this month. I can't believe we're at the 15th already. The summer is really zooming by and I'm still waiting for a red tomato.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Blogger Bloom Day. Be sure to stop by her site and visit all the other participants.

There are lots of blooms right now, throughout the flower beds, the garden, and the yard which is quickly turning into a meadow since our mower is broken and we are still waiting on the part which will *hopefully* fix it.

These are Dahlias that I received from my Grandmother at least 10 years ago. I have to bring them in for the winter but I love them because I always think of her when I see them. You can see I still have some pansies blooming. They are still looking ok despite the heat.

I have a couple of Hosta varieties starting to bloom. This was the only one actually blooming. I don't know any of the names though.

Here you can see Balloon Flower next to Santolina.

Here is an overall view of that bed. It is mostly annuals but it is one of my favorite beds because it looks so good and is easy to maintain.

In this bed the Coneflower is raging, there is a little vining black-eyed susan, and a plant I only know as Sunspot in the back. There is also Lavender, Shasta Daisy, and Lantana which you can't see from this view.

The Black-Eyed Susan is also in that bed, on the other side of the Coneflowers. It was just starting to unfurl it's petals.

This one is hiding it's face with it's hands, getting ready to play peek-a-boo. (Can you tell I have a baby LOL!)

Over on the sunny side of the big garage, the trumpet vine is taking over. You can't tell from this picture but it is all over the roof and will be cut back later this year. Also blooming in this bed is more Coneflower, and Lamb's Ear. The Hostas in this bed have been considerably munched by the deer so no blooms yet.

I have many blooms in the herb and vegetable garden, but I'll just post this one of the Dill, since it's July and to me this looks like Fireworks exploding. Also blooming in the herb garden: Golden Thyme, English Thyme, Wooly Thyme, Cilantro/Coriander, Basil, Irish Moss (not for eating, just for looking at), and the Oregano is just about to bloom. Also in the garden blooming are many squash and melons, the beans (despite the lack of many leaves), tomatoes (I may have a good crop this year), eggplants, tomatillos, peppers, onion heads, and the volunteer cucumber.

Throughout the yard/meadow are many wildflowers including Butterfly Weed, little Daisys, and Queen Anne's Lace.

Lastly, I must post my monthly picture of Lillian. She is always happy to go about the garden and likes to examine flowers in very close detail before she shreds them.

Happy Bloom Day! I hope your garden is buzzing with blooms and beauty!


Katarina i Kullavik said...

Lillian is the prettiest flower of them all! Although I must say, you've got plenty of beautiful flowers. The dahlias from your grandmother are so pretty - how nice to have them in remembrance of her!

DP Nguyen said...

Aw, Lillian is such a precious baby. So cute! I love the variety of color in your garden. I think having various colors really makes a garden even better! Your flowers are gorgeous! Enjoy them while they last!

Gail said...

I know it's bloom day and blooms are on display but Lillian is lovely!

I do like your "My Grandmother's Dahlia" do you mind if I think of that way?

clay and limestone

tina said...

There is that cute little baby blooming in the garden! Your annual bed looks really nice-lots of color. My favorite!

Cindy said...

Thank you to all visiting for GBBD!

Katarina & Gail - yes "My Grandmother's Dahlia" is a fantastic way to think of them and always make me think of her. She is now 97 and though not gardening still enjoys fresh flowers. I wish I lived closer and could bring her a bouquet but alas, I rely on FTD.

DP - I'm so glad you liked the flowers. I fear when I go on vacation in August we will have a hot, dry spell and they will all be crunchy when we get back.

Tina - The annual bed cheers me and is placed just right for prominant viewing. It helps me forget all my "problem" areas.

Cath said...

Oh, LOVE your garden and your blog! Love your Muse Day post as well--I'll have to remember to check for Muse Day next month. LOL, maybe I'll have a squash blossom by then or something. *wink*

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I would accept your mint if I didn't live halfway cross the country--dang! But thank you!

I went to see your baby blog too--Lillian is adorable!


VP said...

Lovely blooms Cindy. I had no Hosta bloom for yesterday, but today one's appeared just like that!

Ann said...

Lovely garden but much more lovely is Lillian! I love your garden bed -- the eucalyptis looks wonderful.

Muum said...

love your Grandma's dahlia - a great keepsake. Your little gal is precious, that smile is more beautiful than any flower! thanks for visiting my blog.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I am very impressed that you've managed to store Dahlias for 10 years. (I mean planting each season & then storing.) I haven't managed that yet, but I'll be trying again this fall. I'm one of those people who like Hosta flowers. They're like the icing on the cake. If you want to ID that Hosta, you should look at "The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas" by Diana Grenfell.

Cindy said...

Cath - Thanks for visiting this blog and Lillian's blog. She is the star, making appearances everywhere. Make sure you check out Muse Day, it's a lot of fun.

VP - I had a second variety of Hosta blooming today too! They are just camera shy!

Ann - Yes, the eucalyptis is new for me this year. I like the color and form. It's a great contrast to the other things in that bed.

Muum - Thank you for your kind words.

MMD - Thank you for the reference. I will be sure to check that out.

Rose said...

What a little cutie! You have lots of lovely blooms, but she is the prettiest of them all. (I see I'm not the only one who said that!)
I don't have any black-eyed Susans, so enjoyed seeing them unfurl. I didn't realize that's the way they blossomed.
Just noticed an earlier post about kohlrabi--I should have seen this recipe about a week ago!

Eve said...

Lillian looks happy to be in a garden. How beautiful she is.

I love that annual flowew bed. I especially love the little critter that came to make a home there.
I like garden art. I have a big green frog in mine. It use to crock until Billy took out the battery. He got fed up with it crocking, everytime he walked by. every time you walk by. LOL

Cindy said...

Rose - isn't that always the way. Just file it away for the next time you have kohlrabi.

Eve - I love garden art. I made those stones several years ago and every year they reside somewhere different in the garden.

Carol said...

What a beautiful post for bloom day. Your gardens look great, and Lillian is an awfully sweet helper, I'm sure.

Thanks for joining in again!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens