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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Refrigerator Pickles

One of my favorite things to make in the summer are Refrigerator Pickles. I guess I could make them year round, but somehow they just taste better in the summer.

Since the deer had munched my cucumber down and my new ones are just little plants still, no flowers even, I had to buy pickling cucumbers at the store. Not really a problem since they are unwaxed and pretty easy to find this time of year. You can also use other veggies in addition to or in place of the cukes. Some of our favorites are cauliflower and carrots. The pickling mix also suggests green peppers and cabbage, though I've never used either of those.

This time we used the Hot Pickle Mix (not really hot at all). The brand I use also offers a Bread and Butter Pickle Mix and a Dill Pickle Mix.

We use a gallon size glass jar (previously containing store bought pickles). First, fill the container with your cut up veggies, whatever you want to use. Then, following the package directions, dissolve sugar in vinegar, then add the pickle spice mix. We always make more of vinegar and sugar mix than the package tells us to. I don't know why, but when made as directed, there never seems to be enough liquid. Pour this over the veggies. Some water can be added if more liquid is needed to cover everything. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours. We always mix it up occasionally, and of course you have to try them before 24 hours is up! These will last up to 3 months, however not in our house! As we eat up the veggies, I will add new veggies to the mix. We'll keep doing that until we want to make a different type. I only have so much refrigerator space you see, and I can't keep a whole shelf of pickles.

This really makes a great low-calorie snack and is so flavorful. If you've never made them, you should give them a try.


Rose said...

I've had these before,and they are yummy! But I've never made them; I should give them a try--certainly healthier than chips or cookies:)

Eve said...

I am going to give these a try. I suppose I could put okra in it. I have cukes and okra coming out but I will have to buy some cauliflower and carrots. Thanks for posting this.

Cindy said...

Rose - Try them, they are real easy. And they are healthier than chips or cookies, but those have their place too :)

Eve - Oh, okra would be good. I made okra pickles once and canned them but I think this would be better. I haven't grown okra for a couple of years now. Maybe next year.

tina said...

I never heard of these and will have to try it this summer. Looks good!

DP Nguyen said...

This sounds really delicious and so easy too! I just posted about my abundance of cucumbers. They aren't the picklin' kind. I only have one of those, but I think this recipe might work. I'll have to pick up a mix at the store. I hope those pickles and other pickled veggies are delicious!

Cindy said...

Tina - I hope you have a chance to try this. I think you will like it.

DP - I think the regular cucumbers you have so many of would work fine with this. And you could use a bunch of them up at once - haha.


Wendy Christensen said...

these sound so yummy, easy and fun. I need to make some! I love pickles!!