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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Vile Liquid

Well despite all of the fences we installed to discourage the deer from romping through our garden, one deer still was visiting the all-night buffet and snacking on melon leaves, beet tops, pumpkins, and zucchini, and yes, I mean the actual pumpkin and zucchini. Basically everything that came within it's path, which we could see from the hoof prints in the dirt. And then it would exit through the garden gate, knocking it over each time.

Enough, I had procrastinated long enough. When my Big Max pumpkin leaves were chomped off (luckily not all of them, I think a recovery can be achieved), I got out the blender. I had a jar of old cayenne peppers from a garden past, dried and stored away for some purpose, at the time not knowing how I would use them. Today I knew. I would make a potion so vile, if that deer took one bite, it would get the surprise of it's life.

Here's my witches brew.
A bunch of dried cayenne peppers
Several heads of old garlic
Tabasco sauce
Just a splash of canola oil (to help adhesion)

I whirled it all up in the blender, strained the liquid into a spray bottle, and went to work.
Warning! If any of these steps can be performed outside, do it. If not, proper ventilation is essential. The oils released by the peppers caused me much sneezing and gasping if I breathed too closely to it. Also, be careful not to touch with your hands or get in your eyes.

I sprayed all the plants in the garden. And this morning I am happy to say nothing was touched. I added more water to the leftover ground bits of pepper to let it steep for a new batch. I'll reapply every couple of days or after rainfall. I hope this finally solves my deer problem.

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tina said...

It is enough to keep me away! lol I am on vacation this week but will check in as I am able to.