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Monday, July 21, 2008

Lacy Flowers

I have been thinking about Queen Anne's Lace lately, because it is blooming profusely here right now and it has always been a favorite of mine. When I was a child, it grew along our lane and we would pick it and put it in a glass of water with a couple drops of food coloring and the flower would change colors. This of course, was great fun. Besides that, it is such a pretty, delicate flower and the name is so fancy sounding.

When I was wondering through the garden the other day, I was noticing how lacy the Cilantro / coriander was looking. It's flowers reminded me of Queen Anne's Lace. The first year I tried to grow cilantro in the garden I thought it was a waste. The plant I had bought went to seed almost immediately and never got thick with leaves. Well, was I wrong. Every year since then I have had a whole section of cilantro the comes back from self-seeding. In the spring there are plenty of leaves for picking. And when you just walk by this area and you can smell the fresh cilantro. It's delicious.

And then there is the dill. I've posted this photo before but I like it so much I am going to post it again. It reminds me of fireworks. I can't wait for the dill seeds to form because I like to collect them to use in the kitchen. And if I ever get any green beans, maybe I'll make some dilly beans and use the dill heads in the canning jars.

What lacy flowers are growing in your garden ?


tina said...

I love both of these and they are very frilly. Self seeding is good.

theysaywordscanbleed said...

aww, such pretties!

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DP Nguyen said...

Those are very pretty.

Eve said...

I tried to link you to my page and it says something like, "can't detect a feed"....do you know what that means? I would love to link to you if I could.

Cindy said...

Eve - First, thank you for wanting to link to me.

I don't know why it couldn't detect the feed. I have my feed burned through Feedburner but that shouldn't matter because I am able to link to this blog from my non-gardening one. Is it possible blogger was having a glitch ? Can you try again and let me know ? The url is http://pagardening.blogspot.com
Thank you -

Sarah said...

The other nice thing about the frilly dill is that they attract swallowtail caterpillars. So you will see lots of those stripey caterpillars on the dill, and then later the butterflies!

Cindy said...

Sarah - I had heard that about those butterflies. I haven't seen them yet but I'll keep an eye out for them. And maybe be able to get a photo even.

Eve said...

Cindy, I tried it today and it worked just fine. It must have been blogger or an oeprator error! : )

Cindy said...

Eve - I'd put my money on blogger. It was acting weird for me yesterday as well. And thank you for adding me to your blog :)
I have to add that to mine. Probably not until the weekend though.