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Friday, July 25, 2008

Squash and all things viney update!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in Western PA - blue sky, no humidity. Which meant I had to get out there and take care of some of those weeds, pick some squash, do some watering, and check on the general health of the garden. I still have more work to do, but lucky me, today is a repeat of yesterday, so I should be able to get back out there soon, for another full day in the garden.

Here are some squash I picked last week. The large one is another mystery squash. It seems to be a cross between a zucchini and spaghetti squash. It's leaves look like zucchini but it vines, and well, you see the result. It was a volunteer just like the rest of the squash shown in this picture. Once I decide what to do with it, I'll let you know how it turned out.

And here are the zucchini and yellow squash I picked yesterday. I think we'll be eating zucchini all weekend. But I should have a few new zucchini recipes to share with you next week.

Finally, I can see a baby cantaloupe. Hopefully it will start growing fast.

And here is another baby butternut squash. It's brother was munched by a deer, hopefully he will have a better fate and be munched by me! I just love the curl of the vine tendrils.

This one is a Kabocha squash, also known as Japanese pumpkin. It's a winter squash, similar to buttercup squash. It's my first year for this one and I'm excited.

This was another volunteer and another mystery. At first I thought it was going to be an acorn squash but now I think it's too rounded. It looks kind of melon like. Any ideas, anyone ?

And here was a nice surprise. This cucumber was a volunteer, growing in the bean patch. So maybe I will have some cucumbers before the end of August - lol!


DP Nguyen said...

Wow!! Lovely and very healthy looking squash and zucchini. Your cantaloupe should grow pretty quickly. Congrats! Everything looks wonderful.

tina said...

OMG, you have harvested a TON of squash! And so early too! Looks great. I love spagetti squash. Will look forward to the recipes for zukes, I have plenty of them.

Cindy said...

DP - Thank you! I'm really looking forward to that cantaloupe.

Tina - I was looking up some recipes today. I forgot about some of them and found some new ones. So if I can get my act together, hopefully I can post them next week.

Barbee' said...

Hmmmm, wonder if the mystery one is an acorn squash. Hello, I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. Really enjoying my visit. Keep up the good work.