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Friday, July 11, 2008

Help - What is this ?

I am appealing to you for help with identifying this squash like thing. On my garden diagram I have it listed as Patty Pan Squash but it doesn't look like what I think of patty pan squash to be. Maybe because of the color, this is very white and the patty pans I grew in the past were more pale green. Because the shape looks similar to what I think it could be. I am trying to decide if it's ready to be picked and if it can indeed be eaten. I may have to pick one and experiment. Since I have it labeled on my chart I must have bought it this year because the mystery volunteer plants I transplanted from other parts of the garden are labeled as such and are definitely more vining (probably gourds or pumpkins). This plant is more bushy, like a zucchini. Please comment with your thoughts and ideas. I thank you in advance.

I am also posting this picture of flowering onion heads just because I like it. It makes me think of outer space - each round flowering head being an enclosed orb space station where a whole community of people could live.

And here is a picture of those evil deer creatures. In this photo they are far from the house and the little ones are looking deceptively cute. But beware, they have been known to cause much crying, wailing and cursing!


Bee said...

Hmmmm . . . well, I've got no idea about the mysterious squash thing.

But I do very much like your whimsical descriptions of onion heads. I like all of the plants -- alliums, agapanthus, chives -- with orb-like heads.

We have tiny little deer, called muntjacs, which come into our garden and treat it like an all-you-can-eat buffet. As you say, they are cute from a distance!

Cindy said...

Oh those deer. Despite all my best efforts to keep them out, each night they come to the 24 hour buffet. The other day they ate half a zucchini and today the tiny white pumpkin was totally gone. On closer inspection there were a few seeds and just one piece of the shell left.

tina said...

I have no idea what type it is but I say experiment! It looks ready.

Cindy said...

Tina - Yes, tonight we ate it. Peeled, then sliced, marinated, and grilled. It was edible. LOL. Really, it was like any grilled squash, it's the seasoning that makes it good. But it did need to be peeled, the skin was tough.

Have a wonderful vacation!